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Spitfire 160
Code No. : GA026
Wing Span : 80 in / 2030 mm
Wing Area : 1138 sq in / 73.4 sq dm
Flying Weight : 13 lbs / 5850 g
Fuselage Length : 68 in / 1730 mm
Engine Required : 2-stroke 1.60 engine
Radio Required : 6-channel radio w/ 7 standard servos and 2 low profile retract servos

Retail Price: US$ 399.99

Scale plastic spinner with aluminum backplate
Detachable 2-piece wing
Detachable stabilizer
Pull-pull controls on rudder and elevator for more precise control
Elevator bellcrank to eliminate any differential throw
Hand painted fibreglass cowling with 3D template
Premium hand iron-on covering film
Functional split flaps for smoother landing
Pre-installed retracts operating in the scale manner

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