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Your model far surpasses any other model I have received including Gxxxx's. The detail you have put into the plane is amazing.
( GA012 )
I highly recommend the Fly Boy 50 for looks, stable flight, landing and take-off characteristics and ease with visual acuity.
( GA014 )
This complete ARF kit will turn many heads along the flight line!
( GA011 )
What a great idea, I wish more EDF models would use a drop-carriage like this!
( GM032XM )
This airplane should have been named "The Traveler".
( GM039XM )
Dollar for Dollar the panther is the best flying speed wing/edf jet I have ever owned, Thank you for bringing such an excellent product to the market !
( GM032XM )
RCU Review: The Wings Maker Handyman EP (Pre-assembled Combo)
( GM039XM )
...performance of the Slick which is definitely not lacking in any way.
( GA047 )
Electrifying The Midget Mustang 60
( GA028 )
In the air there is no Bad Habit at all...
( GM040XM )
I MAIDEN flew my World Models/WingMaker Ogar today...
( GM048XM )
Ogar SZD-45 from The Wings Maker: Online review
( GM048XM )
I modified my new Handyman EP to recall the US Navy F8F Bearcat aircraft carrier fighter of 1945.
( GM039XM )
Photos of my Handyman and Martin's side-by-side.
( GM039XM )
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